Once described as the finest walk in the world, the Milford Track is one of New Zealand’s most popular walks, with approximately 14000 people completing the Milford track each year. This website aims to be a comprehensive information resource on the Milford Track, letting you have all in the information you need in one place. We cover the walk itself, the history of the track, where it's actually located and you'll also find some photos taken by people on the walk. We hope this site answers all the questions you may have.

Interestingly the track may only be walked in one direction, Glade Wharf to Milford Sound, during the booked walking season (late October to late April), with a maximum of 40 independent walkers permitted to start the track each day. Otherwise the track quickly becomes overcrowded and the damage to the environment increases.

The huge valleys that you'll see throughout you trek along the Milford Track are the result of glaciation over the last two million years, these glaciers carved there way through the landscape leaving behind these U-shaped valleys , ice-gouged ledges and the hanging valleys of tributary streams.

Beech trees dominate the forest of the lower clinton, beyond Mintaro the track climbs above the forest through sub-alpine scrub and into the tussocks and alpine herb communities of the pass. The higher rainfall and milder temperatures in the lower Arthur Valley pro duce a more diverse forest. Ferns, mosses and lichens are abundant around the track. To get a better idea of what you'll see when you're walking why not have a look at the Gallery section of this website. It includes photos people have taken while walking the Milford Track.

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Booking is essential to guarantee your hut accommodation on the track as interest is so high. Getting to the start of the track requires either bus or private transport to Te Anau Downs 20km from Te Anau, then boat to Glade Wharf. Boat transport is also required from Sandfly Point (the end of the track) to Milford Sound.

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New Zealand also has a number of other famous walks that you might want to read about. Some of these are: The Heaphy Track, The Routeburn Track and the Kepler Track. We've added a brief introduction to some of the tracks here. We will add to these over time.

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